Hello everyone Our names are Vadim & Justina .
We want to tell you about our work with the famous photographer Maxim Garibaldi. We did some photo shoots with him . The very first and most important thing for us was on our wedding day-the beginning of our life together. For the wedding, Maxim suggested a lot of ideas that became fundamental in the organization of the holiday. I won't tell you all the secrets. He had an interesting approach as a person experienced in wedding shooting . We rented a luxury country house with its own lake. It turned out a photo session with views of the house with a colonnade and landscape photos on the lake. On the boat sailed and so on. There was a lot of nature in the walk, our most interesting moment was that the official wedding with the guests took place on a large raft resembling a ferry in the middle of the lake with a solemn arch of chairs and all the decoration. All the guests were brought there in advance on boats and we sailed to the registration on a rowing boat under the guests ' avation . After the photo session with the boat, we sailed for registration. Maxim wrote photos right on the go . For us it was interesting , he is not a photographer who says-Go and take a picture of you and there will be 5 frames . And he built each frame for which he built a scene with us for 10-15 minutes . It was necessary to constantly interact . He worked with an assistant who helped him set up reflectors and other devices for shooting. And he spent a lot of time directing scenes. We have footage where we somehow run on a boat while lying in it. It's hard to describe . But this all needs to be thought up! There were very interesting ideas. So-the very idea of getting married in the middle of the lake we were parasitized by its scale and idea. Everything looked very chic . All the guests were threatened by what was happening. Everyone liked it, both children and adults. Everyone was delighted! This was also Maxim's idea. We were also very lucky with the weather. It was a very warm and Sunny day in the hot summer of 2010. It was very hot all day. And in the evening, a powerful downpour came down. And Maxim asked us to wait for the peak of the downpour so that we ran out of the Banquet hall into the rain. As a result, we took very chic photos – the most interesting I think that day. We were happy in the rain, jumped in puddles and were very wet and happy! What is special is that he did not take a lot of reportage photos with guests, limiting himself to a General sketch with poster photos with guests . He made exactly staged, story-driven photos.
The next shoot we had in the same year, just half a year later in the fall. We went to Pushkin in the early morning and in the Catherine Park against the background of the Catherine Palace, among the alleys of the Park and landscapes made a photo session walk-Lovestory . It was interesting because Maxim used strange objects that had an effect . I don't know anything about it. The object made blurred edges, and the middle of the frame was clear. There were also interesting stories, when we were in the photo turned out to be kakimito dolls . And he was turning the Park into a kind of deconstruction . Everything around us turned into a kind of theater where Justina was a ballerina with whom we fell into this fantasy. It turned out a lot of interesting shots . By the way, we have one of those photos hanging on the wall behind us.
And 10 years later, when we had children, we had a settled married life. Maxim and I did a photo shoot again. But this time it was already sold indoors in a home environment with your favorite children. Family photo session-in this direction Maxim said that he wants to work. It was at home with a Studio light. And as always, he again threw the idea and we rolled with flour, was osypalis popcorn, the children were washed in the sink pouring water all around. They also shaved with toothpaste, and generally implemented his creative ideas . The children enjoyed themselves immensely. They were so happy, they took it as a game. In the beginning, we were worried that it would be difficult to take photos with children, that children would quickly get tired. We shot almost all day for 8 hours. But everyone liked it very much and there was no stopping it. There was such a big positive charge, there were many different scenes with different ideas and it was in a cozy home atmosphere. And the shots were also interesting! See our photos from Maxim on the pages. So do not doubt – Maxim is a very cool photographer, it is very pleasant to work with him and we recommend him. And we think that it will suit people who want to make their significant day non-standard, interesting. These photos are sure to attract the attention of adults and children viewing them years later. This will be a worthy photo shoot of your life!
Alex & Tatiana
We had a wedding during the pandemic. And Max Garibaldi was our photographer. He offered us very creative ideas, we liked it! We found a common language very quickly . After receiving the photos, my wife just " squeaked“, I liked the photo very much. And the main thing is that there were a lot of photos and they were edited well . The most interesting thing is that the wedding walk was 1-1.5 hours, but during this hour and a half, Max gave everything 100% . I liked the style of image processing, I caught a lot of live emotions . If I (the groom) is an emotional guy, then Tatiana needs to be stopped – he managed to find an approach and bring out the right emotions. She is very alive in all the images-alive ! Everyone who looked at our photos was delighted that Tatiana was so emotionally open. We will recommend everything to max, it is really clear that he is a professional in his field and despite all the circumstances, he will get out and find an approach to the person. We had bad weather, but the photos were cool! He won by angles, beat the places of the walk, and applied something else. Thank him very much! We will still turn to him when the children are born . Be friends with him and take photos with him for sure! Here !