Hello everyone,

who appreciate classic photography with a message.


I am an international wedding photographer for overtwenty years.

I’ve always loved photography. My romantic personality led me to the field of weddings. But originally, I’m a photo-artist who’ve treated photography as an art, not a product. My philosophy has always been to make a wedding look incredibly special and spectacular. But more importantly, I shoot weddings differently. If you look at my portfolio, you may see that it doesn’t look like a traditional wedding photo. Standards are too boring.

You probably noticed that wedding photography is not only one genre. When I'm working with the registration ceremony it's one genre, and then I move on to fashion photo with a couple, then family photography with parents and guests. I personally choose exotic places for a romantic photoshoot, portraits, landscapes, and more. As a result, you get the collection of photo stories woven into one tangle of romantic experiences, emotions, surprises, and a dance of love.You and your loved ones will enjoy reviewing your wedding album for years to come.

One day your children will open your wedding album and I'm sure they'll be touched seeing those brightest moments of your love.